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Not Going Quietly Into The Night: Broforce Updated

Additional indepenbros

Ah, July 4th, that day once per year when America goes flag-flying, eagle-saluting crazy in celebration of overthrowing some vile oppressor. No idea who those villains might be, but we can all celebrate that Free Lives air dropped an update for their platforming mega-blaster Broforce one day early. Along with a couple of new characters, audio magician Joonas Turner (who's helped out with Nuclear Throne and The Swapper, among others) bestowed his voice as an announcer. Check out the details below to save the world.

First on the introduction block is Cherry Broling, a machine-gun legged heroine that Robert Rodriguez fans may find familiar. Free Lives informs us that she's the first bro to shoot in a direction that isn't forward, an incredible advance in technology.

Then there's Colonel James Broddock, likely a relation of Brodell Walker, who's affinity for grenades is rather strong. My British nervous system needs a cup of tea just thinking about all the justice being dealt out.

You can see the full list of changes over on the announcement post. If that's not enough for you, Marsh had a look at a build back in April and was rather impressed. In the mean time, the game itself is grabable in beta form on Steam and Humble, with discounts on both running this weekend.

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