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Death Stranding is leaving Game Pass, while A Short Hike and Limbo join

Microsoft announce the next fortnight's comings and goings

Sam Bridges scrunches his nose in disgust in Death Stranding
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kojima Productions

Microsoft have announced the next batch of games coming to Game Pass, and just like the last line-up, indie gems are carrying this fortnight’s offerings. August begins with venerated A Short Hike, which crosses paths with fellow hiker Death Stranding on its way off the Game Pass mega mountain.

Here’s everything coming to Game Pass (PC and Xbox) over the next two weeks:

I’m almost jealous that some of you get to play A Short Hike for the very first time, which is a lovely, low-stakes game about climbing an island’s peak any way you wish, all while helping its residents with their own funny little problems. Or you can spend all day fishing, racing, or playing stick-volleyball, or - you get the gist. It mixes fun platforming with chill exploration and it’s just a delightful time. We also named it one of the ten best open world games on PC.

Run-‘n-gunner Broforce is getting its final update called Forever on the same day it joins the service. Broforce Forever adds new playable bros and extra levels to the chaotic action movie love letter. And then a day later, things take a much darker and quieter turn with Limbo - a precursor to the many moody puzzly platformers that followed. Finally, Airborne Kingdom is the lush management game where you build a city among clouds. Nate Crowley (RPS in peace) called the game’s looks and mechanics “equally fresh.”

As always, sadly, newcomers mean new leavers. So here’s what’s leaving Game Pass on August 15th:

I’m guessing the Game Pass Gods saw me downloading Death Stranding just the other day and decided to spite me personally by removing it ASAP. Regardless, I can lock myself inside and try my best to binge Hideo Kojima’s postal sim epic in the next two weeks. Losing turn-based RPG Edge Of Eternity is also a shame, mainly because it had amazing rideable cats.

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