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Broforce Bursts Out Of Early Access Next Week, Celebrates With Power Ballad

Introducing The Balad of Rambro

When we last visited Broforce [official site], it'd just dropped a July update in time for 'Murica's fourth of July celebrations. At the time, Alice noted that developer Free Lives understood Independence Day the only way a studio hailing from South Africa could: with copious amounts of guns and dodgy American-cum-Australian-cum-Scottish voiceovers. South Africans discussing Americanisms can be hilarious. This power ballad-inspired trailer to mark Broforce's full release on October 15 is pretty funny too.

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The Ballad of Rambro, as it's known, typifies Broforce's playful, satirical swipe at American Hollywood-isms and has a Team America: World Police vibe about it. APPARENTLY, US Department of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter had this to say of the news that Broforce is to leave Early Access: “Broforce is the culmination of decades of American military superiority distilled into one sweet ass motherfucking video game. It’s even got versus mode and online co-op, bro.”

If you enjoyed the above sounds from Broforce musician Deon van Heerden, a special "ultra patriotic" Freedom EP – a five-track album of Broforce music - can be yours. If you purchase Broforce during its Early Access tenure, which runs until next week, the Freedom EP is free and stands as a thank you to those involved pre-full release. You can collect your copy up until October 15, thereafter it will apparently be "prohibitively expensive" but "that’s capitalism for you".

Broforce is still currently on Steam Early Access for £11.99 and is due to launch October 15.

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