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Broforce Unleashes Double Christopher Lambert

The Brolander and Broden added

Only now that Broforce [official site] has left Steam Early Access are we actually getting some real action heroes! The first post-launch update has arrived with a Christopher Lambert double-header, adding new Bros based on Connor MacLeod, The Highlander, and Raiden out Mortal Kombat to run and jump and megamurder. Now we're talking! The 'Lightning Strikes Twice' update also added new challenge missions designed around each Bro's abilities, and handy new items like performance-boosting drugs and alien pheremones.

You'll find all the details on the update this-a-way and in these here moving pictures:

Watch on YouTube

The Brolander has a honking great sword to hit folks with and his Quickening lightning megablast, while Broden gets lightning zapbeams and that special move where he dives at someone yelling. No, this isn't Broforce now riffing off video games - that's the Raiden Lambert played in the 1995 movie. It was not a good movie, but dear old Christophe always had a twinkle in his eye.

Developers Free Lives have already explored TV Land a little, and if they ever venture deeper to add Lorenzo Lamas, the Renegade, and James McCaffrey out Swift Justice, I will FLIP.

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