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Video Preview: Epic's Fortnite Is... Interesting, Early

Gears Of Left 4 Deadcraft

For the past many years, Epic was known as the One True King of console grimdark. Gears of War was about colossal mountain men with veins running rivulets through their stone hewn necks and stubble-dappled chins, their rage matched only by their apocalyptic sorrow and love of running in slow motion to popular songs that described their situation eerily well. But now we have, well, pretty much the opposite. Fortnite is bright, silly, and PC-only. It's also basically Gears of War's ever-popular horde mode plus Minecraft, Left 4 Dead, and a bunch of its own ingredients. It's certainly unique, but I don't think it's great. Yet. Watch below to hear my impressions after a full day of playing a pre-alpha build.

As ever, apologies for tech issues (rampant mic popping this time) and humor that, in retrospect, doesn't translate as well from text into voice as I thought it would. Still learning this stuff. Baby steps, etc.

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