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David Cronenberg's Wrestleball: Push Me Pull You

Endless coils of flesh and wristbands

Once you see a terrible knot of arms and heads and heads and arms and writhing endless torsos, curiosity demands a second look. Adorable yet slightly nightmarish two-headed, four-armed, sausage people like sports too, you know. We've been delighted and horrified by Push Me Pull You before, the 2v2 local multiplayer ballgame where each player controls one end of a stretchy meatmonster, trying to keep the ball on their side of the field by wrapping around it and the other team's creature, shoving and dragging in their meaty coils, and now it has a trailer. Come watch.

Developers House House are certainly far more coordinated than most people I've seen playing, yelling their own special terms to describe manoeuvres and techniques for their sausagepeople. I suppose that's important when you're trying to coordinate two heads, four arms, and endless flesh. I last saw it played far more hectic, at a Wild Rumpus/Venus Patrol event I helped run, where (slightly inebriated) people would pick up a controller then laugh and yell and nudge and be visibly repulsed. That's about everything I want from a local multiplayer game.

House House plan to release Push Me Pull You on Windows, Mac, and Linux later this year.

And those creatures. Something about the pattering hands is eerily human. Look:

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