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Downloadable Coronet: Dark Souls II - Lost Crowns DLC

Hats are a core part of the gamer experience. Team Fortress 2 knows how strong the craving for sweet skull-socks truly is. Dark Souls takes itself a bit too seriously to join in with the hat hunting though. Like the sneering monarch that it is, From's not-quite-as-much-of-a-masterpiece-as-the-previous-two is usually seen wearing a helmet in place of a hat. It anticipates an assault. Occasionally it'll upgrade to a crown, which is essentially a very expensive hat that is too heavy to lob onto a hatstand. A DLC trilogy covers the retrieval of Dark Souls' favourite posh hats and the first part is out today.

What we have here is a classic case of the first part being the least interesting part. I say that having judged the three pieces of DLC purely on the pictures below.

The crown of the Sunken King is in a big ol' dungeon corridor.

Now we're talking. The Old Iron King's crown has some cool guardrails. A lot of good welding, as you'd expect from this chap.

Cor. The Ivory King has the best kingdom, mainly because it's the one that looks least like the base game.

I've yet to venture into the Sunken King's sanctum but from the chatter on the grapevine suggests it's a quality expansion, with some neat environment-shifting puzzles. Maybe I'll put a few hours of the weekend aside for another trip to Drangleic.

This expansion costs £7.99 and there's a season pass available for £19.99 with the next two included. They'll be out August 26th and September 23rd.

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