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Best Boardgames: The Cardboard Children Top 50

The Complete Rab's Top 50

It is very easy to lose things when living in the thrall of the endless bear. You make something, you put it down and suddenly it's gone, lost over the horizon. You type some words into the search box to try to find it again but, alas, the Rock Paper Shotgun Search-O-Tron 3000 returns nothing.

And so here we are, to gather Rab's Complete Top 50 Boardgames posts into a single set of links, better that you might bookmark it, print it out, study it, love it. Did you ever wonder what boardgames you should play? We've got five videos and five articles that will tell you.

The Videos

If you want to watch the entire series in order, like a single 90-minute movie about a man who loves boardgames, you can do so via this handy YouTube playlist. Otherwise the RPS posts were:

Best Boardgames: 50-41
Best Boardgames: 40-31
Best Boardgames: 30-21
Best Boardgames: 20-11
Best Boardgames: 10-1

Rab's Best Boardgames: The Breakdowns

To supplement the shorter videos of numbers 50-11, Rab put together textual breakdowns in each following week to explain in greater detail why a game made it on to the list. Here are those posts:

The Breakdown: 50-41
The Breakdown: 40-31
The Breakdown: 30-21
The Breakdown: 20-11

What of the games that almost made it? The games that are excellent but didn't quite fit inside the top 50. Rab covered those in Off The List.

Right, you're done working for the day now. You know what you've got to do.

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