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Yes, Of Course: Grim Fandango Remaster Confirmed For PC

But now it's official!

When Double Fine announced during E3 that they were remastering Grim Fandango for release on PlayStations, they carefully hemmed and hawed around saying it'll be coming to PC too. "Talk about other platforms soon!" Tim Schafer cried, saying something very enthusiastic about working with Sony before leaping out a window and running for the hills. But obviously it will, right? Of course it will. Today Double Fine announced they'll release their jazzed-up version of the lovely LucasArts adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux alongside the Sonybox versions.

By some strange coincidence, this announcement comes exactly one month after Double Fine initially announced the remaster. Why, it's almost as if they signed a contract requiring they only talk about PlayStation! What's one month of being a bit concerned about what if they don't port it? when it means (I speculate) Sony give Double Fine money to work on it?

I wonder quite how much they'll change. Surely that tank movement will be gone, and the awful digging-in-pockets inventory system replaced with something sensible. A mod has done that to the original on PC, bringing in something like a classic adventure game. Well, not like a classic adventure game, because you don't need to type text into a parser or select verbs from a long list. Like a less-frustrating adventure game. Running it in a higher resolution, obviously. Redrawing character textures to be crisper seems likely. What about those pre-rendered backgrounds?

If you missed either this video or Grim Fandango itself, here, have a retrospective:

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