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Undying: The Walking Dead Season Three Announced

And that's about all we know

Take game developers to a comic convention and they'll get all giddy. They drink fizzy drinks, eat free candy, get their photo taken with seven Iron Mans, grab every promo t-shirt in sight, then, just before they break down in tears and beg to go home, they tell everyone what they're making.

We may not yet have seen how Season Two of Telltale's The Walking Dead game ends, but thanks to San Diego Comic-Con we do know that a third season will follow it.

Telltale president Kevin Bruner confirmed Season Three during a panel at SDCC on Saturday. When asked, he'd only say that they are "going to do" it and that it's coming "not this year."

Season Two is nearing its climax, with the fifth and final episode due "soon." Episodes seem to arrive ten weeks apart, so let's have a guess at September 30. Knowing a third season is coming doesn't really risk spoiling the end, given Telltale's fondness for killing off beloved characters and protagonists. I suppose we can now feel confident that the entire world isn't cleansed with nuclear fire, or hit by a comet, or all a dream. Reader dear, what would you want to see, or not see, from a third season?

Skip to 18:10 to see the terse announcement:

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