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The Walking Dead: The Definitive Series collection is out today


Telltale's complete run of Walking Dead story-o-adventures is now available bundled up The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, with a few bonus bits and pieces too. That's 23 episodes across four seasons, a miniseries, and one interstitial, stuffed into one digital bag with a load concept art, a music player, and the option to play the whole series with the comic book-y "graphic black" art style introduced late in the run. With no upgrade discount for owning any of the originals, The Definitive Series is probably more for newcomers and completionists - but maybe you're one of those?

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Clunky name, some good games. And some games which ran out of steam.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series is out now on the Epic Games Store for £40. Really needs a discount for upgrading. While the games were originally on other digistores, The Walking Dead signed up for Epic exclusivity after its revival.

The re-release is from Skybound Games, part of the company co-founded by the fella who created the Walking Dead comments. Skybound picked up Telltale's Walking Dead after Telltale died in 2018, welcoming some former Taletellers to the fold to complete The Final Season.

Speaking of the corpse of Telltale, it has been skinned and an investment company are now wearing the hide, calling themselves Telltale Games and planning to make new games in the series they still hold. The Walking Dead is not among them. They do have some former Taletellers involved (though some, unpleasantly, only on contract with the vague potential for future employment) but yeah, it's not Telltale games. That said, I will cast off my scepticism immediately if they make The Wolf Among Us 2 and it's great.

Disclosure: Oh! I've been forgetting! A former colleague and dear mock-sibling of mine, Nick Breckon, wrote on The Walking Dead for a bit years back. God, they say time speeds up as you get older but it feels like this has been an eternity.

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