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Re-rewind: Super Time Force Blasting Onto PC

It was just a matter of time, really

PCs understand time. Game trends come and go, then they come back around as retro-chic. In the meantime, you've boshed in a replacement motherboard, CPU, RAM, video card, case, mouse, keyboard, and monitor, but its spirit (and 30MB of ancient chatlogs) mean you're even still on the same PC. Waiting a few months for Super Time Force to come over from Xbox is nothing for a PC.

It's a shooty platformer doing that whole 'single-player co-op' sort of thing, using time travel antics. Developers Capy, the folks also behind Below and Sword & Sworcery EP, cheekily call it "what would happen if Braid and Contra had a party."

The game gives 60 seconds and 30 lives to finish each level, which all broadly involve running, jumping, and shooting things. And you can combine these lives, jumping around the timeline to pop as different characters with different abilities to help each other, not to mention save time. Look, here's how it all works:

Capy announced the Steam release yesterday, saying they're adding "some very cool (but presently very secret) stuff" as it becomes Super Time Force Ultra. They say it'll arrive "in the not-so-distant future," though who knows what that means to people who plays so fast and loose with time?

Here's the Xbox launch trailer, in that retro television style all the kids go wild for:

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