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Survive The Bites, More Like: Survive The Nights

Sunbeams AND zombies, it's everything you need

Because it's a zombie survival game, get it? Ahahaha! Don't call it a come back, this genre's still got some life in its dead, dissected, flogged and eaten corpse yet. In fact, for a Kickstarter game Survive The Nights is remarkably fully-featured. There's all your usual crafting, hiding, zombie blasting and inevitable pointless death to worry about but they've also managed to cram in building repairs and keeping yourself sane. The latter is meant as a deterrent to the madness that seems to overwhelm everyone who plays DayZ.

Developers and ex Minecraft-video-makers a2z(Interactive) have blown past a meagre £12,000 target after starting slow and now seem well on their way to obliterating multiple stretch goals. Take a look below.

You might also fancy a video showing the finding, clearing and repair done to a house in the wilderness, while another sees a larger facility raided for supplies. They're reminiscent of the base/fort/tower/camp assaults that feature in every Ubisoft game, but with a defensive element afterwards and the goal of scavenging supplies.

Backing at the £14 level gives alpha access starting in February while those who just want the game once it's finished can get it for £6. The cheap rewards are a bit of a gamble but seem to have paid off now they're getting a lot of attention from the vast survival community, with some DayZ YouTubers featuring footage on their channels. Worth a watch if you're still undecided.

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