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Almost Out Of Time (Units): Mighty Tactical Shooter

Time is running out for turn-based shooter

The first time I saw Mighty Tactical Shooter, I was at Rezzed. I was the guy in crumpled corduroy and tatty beard, and MTS was the game with the turn-based spaceship. I'd like to say it was love at first sight but MTS didn't even notice me at first. I walked across the crowded hall, giddy with excitement, and had to stand in line to introduce myself. Sparks flew. Now that I have the demo in the privacy of my own home, sparks occasionally ignite the curtains.

Mighty Tactical Shooter is a turn-based side-scrolling space shooter. It's smart, playable right now and yet somehow just shy of its modest Kickstarter goal with less than three days to go.

The idea is brilliant. As I've mentioned before, I'd like to try a turn-based version of just about everything, except Just Dance. Or maybe especially Just Dance? I don't know anymore.

MTS is even smarter than it sounds though, elaborating on that base concept and working in all kinds of physical interactions. Take limpet mines, described in a recent update

These aren't directly your weapon, but they have their uses. Enemy limpet mines will attach to your ship and, if they stay attached long enough, will explode resulting in massive damage to the ship. How do you get rid of them? Cause them damage (scrape them on the landscape, bash them into enemies, shoot them by curving back your own missiles). How is this useful? For a short time you've effectively got a physical shield attached to the ship. In fact, a ship covered in limpet mines might even be practically invulnerable for a while...if you're careful.

The weapons of my enemies become my...shield. An exploding shield that must be scraped off like barnacles from a drunken sailor's backside.

The Kickstarter clock approaches zero.

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