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Teatime Of The Soul: The Long Dark Early Access

We call that "night"

I'd somehow entirely forgotten the startlingly beautiful The Long Dark in the glut of survival games that have made the rounds recently. It's rarely my genre, offering too much freedom with too little to do, never mind the endless promises their development cycles present. The Long Dark looks to have a precise mix though, an exquisite cocktail of post-apocalyptic backstory, incredible art style, and actual plot that make it tempting. If you missed the Kickstarter, you'll now have an opportunity to grab it on Early Access come September.

Skipping joyfully through the endless snow in tandem with the news is a trailer, showing some more ever so brief glimpses of in-game environments. Mr. Plow your way through to it below.

While normally I'm not a fan of trailers with more establishing shots than The Thing and a voice over that could be explaining just about any random game's backstory, it's still got me. So pretty.

I'm disappointed it didn't show actual gameplay, given that backers have had a Sandbox alpha since June, and that's the mode Early Access buyers will get at first (a Story mode's due with the full release). September's not all that long off and, with all the competition, they'll need to draw people in with everything they can show. There's to be a livestream of parts of the game tonight, which will hopefully shed more light on things.

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