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Liberty City Nights: A NFS Underground-y GTA 3 Mod

Neon night racing

Races have consistently been my least favourite activity and mission style in Grand Theft Auto games, but here I am downloading Grand Theft Auto III so I can play a mod dedicated to the blighters. Liberty City Nights' creator amibitiously describes it as "the best racing mod GTA III ever saw," which also implies "the least horrible racing GTA III ever saw," but that's not why I'm interested. See, I'm interested in mods which try to recreate or crib from games and series which are no longer made, and Liberty City Nights is after the neon night racing of EA's Need for Speed Underground subseries.

Most of us have a series we'd like to see return, a game we'd like a sequel to. When it's clear that won't happen any time soon, some of us move on and enjoy other games. Some stick to playing that one old game. Others complain endlessly when the creators make something which isn't a sequel to their old favourite. A few complain that every game vaguely similar to their dream game isn't what they wanted. Or some people make mods which combine something they loved in that game with another game they like, recreating a level, or porting character skins.

Liberty City Nights bathes the city in perpetual night, adds sporty new cars and puts glowing lights on and under them and everything else in the world that might conceivably light-up, and generally makes it very colourful and bloom-y. It's inspired by those NFSU neon nights, that spew of colours.

Is it any good? I don't know. I haven't played it yet. It's been downloading as I write this, and is just done now, so let's have a look.

No, not really. It's still racing in GTA III. But I don't particularly care. The idea interests me, and the neon city is a novel enough experience for a few minutes. Download it and the saves you'll need, if you fancy. Here, a video:

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