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Invade China in Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth

Featuring all manner of non-traditional invasion mechanisms.

Prepare for extreme explosiabangs! It's the fourth (of five) Battlefield 4 map packs, Dragon's Teeth. Continuing the narrative of a China-America conflict, the fighting has now reached the south of mainland Asia, putting the focus squarely on infantry combat in urban environments. Furthering the series mainstay of having everything best about C&C Generals present, there's a map where trains will destroy tanks that have been left on the tracks. Best. It's out now for "premium" members, while mere mortals must wait until July 29th. Trailer and details below for your honourable service to this great nation.

Motorcycles, trains, and ... hang on, was tha-

Yes, the invasion of China by American military forces will take place, at least in part, in the shovels of ersatz-JCBs. That'll put the fear of God in't'em.

Besides diggers, the four new maps host a new game mode, Chain Link, which involves capturing points that are close together to win. It's described as akin to Conquest and Domination, but more focused on controlling actual areas as the larger a chain, the more points are scored. At the moment it's only available on the new maps, but DICE are looking into implementing it into the older ones too. There's also a bunch of new gear, including a heavily armed robot buddy called a "R.A.W.R.", because acronyms are cool, and a ballistic shield, because that's always been so much fun in every game it has been in.

DICE also ran an hour long livestream showcasing the new maps, mode and gear in some live matches while discussing the development with members of the team. After the false dream displayed in most Battlefield media - co-ordinated teams, long lives and skill balance - it's nice to see something a little less refined and controlled. The interviews are varied, with game designers, level designers and animators all showing up, among others. It's an even split between terms like "micro-levelution" (christ), honesty about the problems DICE has faced with the game, which it is still battling, and showing off the new stuff. Definitely worth checking out if you've got the hour to spare.

There's no news on when the fifth pack, Final Stand, will be released or what it will feature beyond being the finale of the war that has ran through the DLC.

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