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Battlefield 1 Announced, Set In World War One

Coming this October!

Battlefield 1 [official site] will be this year's new game in EA's FPS series, set in World War One, earlier than ever before. I suppose this means that all the hilarious jokes people have made about "not playing Battlefield 2142 until they've played the previous 2141 games" were actually eerie predictions. All Battlefield games until this have been part of an incredibly ambitious plan to create over two thousand virtual wars. That's at least four millennia of games at this pace. Heck, the series started with its 1,942nd part - George Lucas can suck an egg. So! Yes, BF1, WW1, coming on October 21.

Biplanes! Horses! Big clunky tanks! Airships! Flamethrowers! Gas! Warships! Shovels! You know, a bit like Codename Eagle, the precursor to Battlefield 1942 (though I suppose we should retrospectively rename CE to Battlefield Origins: Eagle). That's not a gameplay trailer, of course, but DICE say it's all "captured in-engine".

Along with multiplayer, Battlefield 1 will have a story campaign following several protagonists, and boasting plenty of "Battlefield moments". I think they means cool explosions and unlikely heroics.

I had grand dreams of a news post rewriting Battlefield by Jordin Sparks but I'm so very tired tonight.

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