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Ultimate Audio Bang podcast: our favourite heroes in shooters

Or agents or operators or characters

Now that we're over the E3 hump, Imogen and I thought we'd catch a break on this week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang. But no, the online shooters simply do not stop reloading. PUBG dropped a new map on its test servers, Warzone fixed its murder door, and Valorant's new agent sounds very overpowered.

And speaking of agents, our theme this week was, well, agents/heroes/operators/characters, or whatever else you'd call them in an online shooter. We both went down the Overwatch route because my word does that game have some good heroes. I think they're called heroes?

Cover image for YouTube videoApex Legends Is Fast, Fluid & One Of The Best Battle Royale Games | My Fav Thing In (Apex Gameplay)

It was Imogen's turn to surprise me with some strange names she's played with this week. Amazingly, two of them weren't Sage players in Valorant. Unbelievable.

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