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Ultimate Audio Bang podcast: our favourite heroes in shooters

Or agents or operators or characters

Now that we're over the E3 hump, Imogen and I thought we'd catch a break on this week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang. But no, the online shooters simply do not stop reloading. PUBG dropped a new map on its test servers, Warzone fixed its murder door, and Valorant's new agent sounds very overpowered.

And speaking of agents, our theme this week was, well, agents/heroes/operators/characters, or whatever else you'd call them in an online shooter. We both went down the Overwatch route because my word does that game have some good heroes. I think they're called heroes?

It was Imogen's turn to surprise me with some strange names she's played with this week. Amazingly, two of them weren't Sage players in Valorant. Unbelievable.

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