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Battleface: New Battlefield Game Teaser-Trailed

Full reveal later today

At 9PM BTS/4PM ET, we'll find out whether the new Battlefield game is Battlefield 5, Battlefield: More Uncomfortable Police Brutality Allusions, or something else entirely. I'm wondering if it could be something a little science-fictional, in order to go toe-to-toe with what COD is up to. Also, wild speculation funtimes: the seconds-long teaser trailer below suggests that its Big Face Man is looking up at something enormous and maybe a little scary. Maybe a mech? We're overdue a return to 2142. Although the rest of the internet seems to think we're going back to 1942 at long last.

Cover image for YouTube video

Maybe it is just an antiquated plane flying overhead. Or maybe it's just a cloud that looks a bit like Santa. Who knows? All of us, in about 11 hours, that's who. The smart money is on this being Battlefield 5 in ethos if not name, as EA DICE seem to have a tick-tock strategy, switching between a mainline sequel and a spin-off each year. But if COD is shaking things up, wouldn't surprise me if EA did too.

Whatever the game is, it's being referred to merely as "Battlefield" for the time being, though I doubt that's the final title.

Big Face Man above is rendered in the lastest version of the Frostbite engine, by the way, but apparently does not constitute in-game footage, and therefore is entirely meaningless in terms of telling us anything about what the game will actually look like. Other than that it will almost certainly feature beefy, blue-eyed white blokes in some capacity.

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