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Now Kickstarting: Flashback Designer's Subject 13

Look at things real good

When Flashback lead designer Paul Cuisset announced his new adventure game, Subject 13, through publisher and developer Microids, we blithely assumed that we'd see a new game from someone From Those Days that didn't rely on crowdfunding. Silly us. Subject 13 is now on Kickstarter. Microids are only looking for $40,000 (£23k-ish) though, so presumably they've put in a fair bit of their own cash.

The Kickstarter also means that we now know what the game even is, with in-game snippets to coo. It's a good olde adventure game, you guys, with lots of wandering around and solving puzzles, with an emphasis on looking at items real close-up. Getting right up in their business.

Microids are being quite vague about it all, saying they don't want to ruin its mysteries. They're willing to confirm that you play a chap (a physics professor, specifically), that there's a shady corporation, that you get to talk to people, and lots of objects can be popped open, turned around, slotted into each other, and generally puzzled with. It is indeed an adventure game. Something about the animated interactive environment stuff is very pleasing--look at this animated gif.

Pledging $20 (£12) will get you a copy of the game when it's finished (or $15 if you're fast, or $10 if you're very fast), which is expected to be this October. If you've got $10 grand kicking around, you can even replace the game's protagonist. Either they're happy to be flexible with their main character, or they're fairly confident such a backer would also be a bearded white guy with glasses.

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