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Subject 13: Flashback Designer's Adventure Game Out

You may be dead

You might've thought a new adventure game from Paul Cuisset, the lead designer of Flashback, would've drawn more attention from us here in the RPS treehouse. Don't look at me: I get irate at the very notion of realigning mirrors to direct a beam of light.

Still, here we are, and here Subject 13 [official site] is. It launched today for Windows and Mac with a tale of a physics professor who ends up in an odd secret base after his car plunges into a lake. I'm sure he's fine, folks, and it's not at all some kind of drowning dream and/or purgatory.

The way to find out what's going on is to solve puzzles, of course. It's probably also fine that he's chatting with an unseen robotic voice which calls him Subject 13. Maybe he is actually in some strange secret abandoned experiment as he wanders around the base and, later, an island. It does have a tinge of 'ancient supertechnology' about it.

Developers Microids ran a Kickstarter for Subject 13 last year, netting a touch over their $40,000 (£26k) goal to improve the graphics and pay for the score. Backers should have their game keys real soon if they don't already.

For the rest of us, a 35% launch discount makes it £8.49 on GOG and £9.74 on Steam.

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