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Freeware Garden: Shogun Assassin

Crouching Tiger, doesn't drag on

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Itto and Diagoro Ogami, a heavily pixelated father-son team, can't handle grief particularly well and have set out to avenge Ms. Ogami's unfair death in the most brutal way imaginable: by sticking their katanas in as many men as possible. Evidently, they simply cannot understand that indiscriminant violence solves nothing and only serves in providing us with games like Shogun Assassin.

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Then again, that's a good thing. Shogun Assassin may look like a simple, straightforward, low res, action/fighting game (and, yes, such offerings can be fun), but it's great because of how well it flows. Your movements transition between enemies like a ballet choreographed by a butcher who properly understands beat-'em-ups. Also, it is quite a bit silly, what with its trolley-involving super attack.

You get to satisfyingly hack, slash, jump, jump and hack and slash and even duck, while horribly murdering samurai, avoiding arrows and blades and aiming for a high score. The game's controlled entirely using the keyboard and it can get pretty challenging as you progress, especially due to the small, crammed playing window that will ensure you really get to test your reflexes. And, hopefully, help to keep your murderous instincts safely confined to a small virtual world inspired by ancient Japan.

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