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Computational! Prison Architect Adds Logic Circuits

And fancy new automation

Logic can be dangerous. Minecraft players have built everything from room-sized games of Pong to autocannons with its redstone logic circuits, and that's a relatively peaceful game. If you combined logic circuits with, say, the prison-industrial complex, I dread to imagine what dehumanising mechanisms might be built around inmates. So let's see what happens now Prison Architect has done just that.

It's fine, though. Prison Architect isn't quite so freeform, and Introversion imagine the new automation and logic tools will be used for things like remote door control systems and sharing clock signals. Which does almost sound like a challenge.

The three big practical features added in the alpha 23 update are remote access systems with various ways to remotely open and close doors, a reworking of CCTV cameras, and expansions of contraband and smuggling systems. Which sound nice enough. And then there are the logic gates.

Prison Architect now has And, Or, Not, Nand, Nor, and Xor logic gates, which broadly means you can build computer components. Surely no monster would think to combine those with automated gates and cameras and alarms to make a device shunting prisoners around like terrified electrons.

The game's still in early access, priced at £19.99 or $30 depending on where you buy. Here, have a video of two of the Introversion gang showing off the patch's main features:

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