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Ruddy Women! Watch 7 Minutes Of Abyss Odyssey

Colourful nightmares

"This is no place for a woman! Get outta here!" a soldier cries in the opening seconds of Abyss Odyssey. Really, a hellish abyss opened up in 19th century Chile is no place for anyone, and she certainly fares better than all those poor chaps. So begins Zeno Clash chaps ACE Team's procedurally-generated punchy platformer, as shown off in a new seven-minute gameplay video. Or six minutes of gameplay then another of cutscenes. Look, it's the start of the game, you guys.

As you'd expect from the game's opening, the video explains the combat basics that can be pieced together to make those fancy combos we've admired before. Abyss Odyssey is far more about the punching/kicking/stabbing/fireballing/charging than the jumpy, with all the cancels and air moves and dashes and whatnot one would from a fighting game. Players can turn into defeated enemies, which range from birdmen to tree monsters, and each have their own moveset.

Coupled with procedurally-generated levels, it should have a lot to explore and play with. It's looking pretty fab, though I would appreciate a demo.

'Pre-ordering is for the bold and foolish' and all that, but it is a third-off before launch, down to £7.33 on Steam. It's a fraction big enough to make a sensible person try to convince herself "But I like their other games so much and just think what I could do with the £4 saved!"

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