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Likeable Roguelike-like: Abyss Odyssey Begins On July 15

With deep fighting game-y combat

I do have a soft spot for studios who started in modding, but I look forward to ACE Team's games for more reasons than Batman Doom. From the first-person face-punching of Zeno Clash to Rock of Ages' competitive tower defence/demolition, their games have been weird and interesting and fun and ambitious and surprising and attractive. So I'm pretty pleased to hear that Abyss Odyssey is coming in only a few weeks--on July 15, to be precise.

In another genre shift (I also like that ACE Team do this), Abyss Odyssey is a roguelike-like 2D platforming beat 'em up with and a pretty deep fighting system.

ACE Team's Carlos Bordeu (the C, in that ACE, by the way--it's the three co-founding brothers' initials) described the combat to our Nathan as "a bit like Street Fighter meets Super Smash Bros." with its combos, counters, cancels, air moves, and goodness knows what else. Every enemy has all these moves too, which means players get them as well, as you can turn into enemies you defeat.

There you are, by yourself or with chums in local or online co-op, going through procedurally-generated levels, beating the heck out of enemies and capturing their souls. Why? Because down at the bottom of this abyss there's a warlock who needs a good kicking. Several, in fact. As more players beat the final boss, he'll gain new forms, so return trips aren't only to see new levels.

Pre-orders are up on Steam with a third off, bringing it down to £7.33 with the soundtrack thrown in too. Look, we all know that pre-ordering is a mug's game, but I'd happily send money ACE Team's way no matter what to keep them making games. Have a butcher's at its Art Nouveau-inspired style:

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