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Totally Wizard, Mate: Trine Enchanted Edition Released

Yeah, it's pretty wiz

Each generation adds its own twist to old fairytales, reflecting the tone and fashions of the era, teasing out undertones as statements. Trine was not an adaptation of an old tale, but played with genre conventions to deliver a modern message: lusty wizards and thieves with grappling hooks are totally wicked cool. But what comes out when that itself is updated? Prettiness. So much prettiness.

Developers Frozenbyte yesterday launched Trine Enchanted Edition, a remake of sorts in the Trine 2 engine, adding online co-op and buckets of shininess. It'd been in public testing for a month.

Along with online co-op, the Enchanted Edition brings the sequel's fancier character models and general make-believe blast of colour. It's not a from-scratch remake, mostly using the old level geometry. However, layouts are tweaked a little, camera angles are adjusted, and everything is awash with magical light and smoke and and rainbows and candles and bloom and bric-a-brac. It looks a lot more like the type of fairytale the game tells.

Or if you don't want any of that, the game's launcher does offer an option to play plain old Trine.

While the EE is a free update for people who already own Trine, Frozenbyte are treating it as a relaunch. They've bumped the game's price up £3 for newcomers, though a launch sale brings it right back down again. It's $2.99 (£1.76) DRM-free on the game's site or £1.99 on Steam. Trine 2 is also on sale on Steam for £2.79. They'are all cheap on GOG too.

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