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Trine devs release co-op spell blaster Nine Parchments

Ho Ho Ho, it's Nine Parchments

It's a good week for aspiring mages. Yesterday I told you about the upcoming Wizard of Legend, and today I'm drawing your pupils to the new sorcery-sim from the Trine devs, Nine Parchments, which actually came out yesterday. You play as a student who must leave wizard school to chase after some stolen spells, and it looks almost as pretty as Trine did - which makes sense, because it takes place in the same world. You can see for yourself in the trailer below.

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It looks A LOT like Magicka, right down to the way you can combine beams from several players to make them more powerful. But you know what? 'Magicka by way of Trine' is fine by me. The devs will still tell you that's not what they're doing, mind. When we posted about it last year, Alice dug this quote out:

“Magicka is a fair comparison, but we’re not aiming to make a clone,” Frozenbyte have said in a YouTube comment. “This is our take on wizard ’em up magical co-op mayhem. One could say we’re going rogue with this.”

That last bit is a Funny Allusion to roguelike elements that appear to have not made it into the final game - or at least if they have, there's no mention of them in the press release or steam page. What really sets it apart from Magicka is that it's more like a traditional RPG, with XP points that you can invest in new skills. Nevertheless, there's still an emphasis on chaotic friendly fire and fuss-free reviving, in both local and online co-op.

Nine Parchments is out now on GOG, the Humble Store and Steam for £15.49/$19.99/€19.99.

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