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See The Glitchworld: Error City Tourist

A procedurally-generated walking simulator

What did you do this weekend? Was it worthwhile? Did you create? Did you travel? Did you relax? Did you squander it? Did you waste your weekend? Do you not deserve free time? Do you not wish to become better? Why do you wallow in your rut? You should feel guilty. You should get out. See something new. Just wander aimlessly. Or get yourself all worked up over imagined fears.

You can do that this very morning with Error City Tourist, a procedurally-generated walking simulator by Strangethink Software, set in a glitched-out city. It's free and playable in your browser.

It's a trip to Error City, a place of purple and teal open-faced buildings with silent masked citizens. You might fancy scaling houses looking for interesting layouts, pausing under translucent trees to enjoy the warm yet vaguely malevolent soundtrack, reading the random messages spat out by computer terminals, or simply wandering. Error City does have a monorail you can ride (look for signposts) but I didn't enjoy how the elevation highlights the short draw distance. I was far happier sprinting through Error City, never looking back or pausing to examine things, just charging and turning and moving.

You'll feel the limits of the City's generation fairly quickly, going slow, but sprinting filled me with cracking pangs of fear and lostness. You know, a bit like how a child pretending they're being chased by an imaginary monster can still work themself up into floods of tears. That's me: a game-baby. Playing with games rather than simply playing them can be pretty great, and Error City Tourist leaves plenty of space to supplement with your own imagination.

At the very least, it's is a lovely few minutes for a Monday morning. Go on, do visit.

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