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Top-Down Tracy: Third Eye Crime

I've been playing Light, the top-down cyber-stealth game published by Team 17, and the art style has set me to thinking about the visuals of stealth. Light has a clean design, like a sedated and sanitised Monaco, which lends itself well to sneaky route-planning. I'll most likely write more about that game when I've completed it, but I mention it here because of its similarities to the just-released Third Eye Crime. Both have the player avoiding guards' cones of sight while infiltrating buildings but the aesthetic design is worlds apart. Light's style and substance are in colour-coded harmony, while Third Eye Crime offers a new perspective on noirish comic books.

This is Third Eye Crime.

And this is Light.

I'm tempted to review them alongside one another. It'd be like those videos that show that a bald space marine's hair is animated slightly better on a PS4 than on an Xbox One except analysing level design and stealth mechanics rather than a boring load of shite.

Third Eye Crime is the first game from Moonshot Games, a team made up of former Bungie employees. It is available now, as is Light.

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