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Another 14 Minutes Of Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay

With lots of colours!

The last chunk we saw of Dragon Age: Inquisition was from an area we've seen a fair few times before, roaming around the open world-y bits of The Hinterlands. Open skies and rushing waterfalls are nice and all, but what about stone corridors with thick wooden doors, pillars, and all those castle-y bits? I understand these things are very important to fantasy RPGs. A new 14-minute gameplay video shows the Inquisitor and chums roaming through Redcliffe castle, chatting with villains, fighting a boss battle, and getting into all sorts of scrapes.

I do enjoy how jolly colourful Inquisition gets at times. Lots of purples, greens, and teals, which are the sort of things I'd want from a world broken by magic. Origins was far too 'gritty' for my liking, in that ugly Noughties sort of way which thankfully seems to be ebbing across video games. The weird reluctance of game-makers to treat the worlds as the fantastic fictional places they are. Desaturated palettes as a mark of seriousness and maturity. Are washed-out colours meant to make dragons, demons, elves and werewolves feel real and serious, or counterbalance their inherent silliness?

Anywho, Dragon Age: Inquisition is due on October 7.

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