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Freeware Garden: You Were Made For Loneliness

Which sounds pretty sad

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Elizabeth Simins provided You Were Made For Loneliness with a brilliantly evocative opening illustration, that really sets the game's mood and acts as a first warning of sorts. A warning followed by further trigger warnings for suicide, depression, and psychological abuse.

You Were Made For Loneliness, you see, is definitely not for everyone, but, for those who can brave disturbing scenes in their texty Twine games, it does offer both food for thought and some great, wild prose by Tsukareta*.

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You Were Made For Loneliness tells a sad, sweet, philosophical and deeply touching science fiction story mainly revolving around robots, artificial intelligence, love and ethics. It's a game I was deeply moved by and whose interactivity I appreciated despite the minimal choice on offer. Actually, there really is only one choice you get to make that properly affects the game's story. A single choice following several strictly linear passages, that, amplified by all the options you didn't get to choose, feels important and tough to make.

Then again, it's always up to you to decide whether clicking through all those highlighted words is worth your time. They do initially lead to what can only be described as computer generated junk and it only gets stranger from there, but the narrative that may or may not lay hidden in them is made up of some fine words and by an eclectic selection of writers.

Go on then, give it a read.

*Tsukareta is a team brought together for this project consisting of Rollin Bishop, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Cameron Cook, Bryant Francis, Sidney Fussell, Richard Goodness, Javy Gwaltney, Jon Hamlin, Kitty Horrorshow, Patrick Lindsey, Tony Perriello, Marc Price, Zoya Street, Kaitlin Tremblay, Stephen Wilds and Nina White.

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