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Stikbold And Noble: '70's Dodgeball Hits Greenlight

Trailer contains whales, satan

When I first discovered Stikbold! it was via a GIF of an as yet unreleased trailer. When I then posted about the local multiplayer dodgeball game, I figured that was it: I wouldn't return to post the new trailer when it finally did come out. I was wrong, because here we are. I can't resist its '70s style, its expressively blocky eyebrows, or its co-op campaign which seems to see you lobbing your balls at buses, whales and, it seems, satan.

Trailer below, which it turns out marks its launch on Steam Greenlight.

This trailer is just a nice ninety seconds of colour and sound. It makes me happy.

From the game's site:

Stikbold! is a light-hearted and fun take on the classic game of dodgeball, mixed with the distinct and classic groove of the 1970’s. Duke it out in several arenas in a glorious local multiplayer showdown or join Björn & Jerome, two friends set on unravelling the mystical disappearance of rival love interest, the night before the big game.

As well as 1-6 player multiplayer and two-player co-op, the game's story mode can be played solo, for all you friendless sorts out there. (I'm not judging; I'm more likely to play this singleplayer than anything else). (You loser).

Stikbold began as a 48-hour project for the Nordic Game Jam in 2013, where it was awarded "Most Fun" by the other 400+ participants at the event. Now it's on Greenlight and a nominee for the PAX10, which shows that dreams can come true, with just months of hard work, skill, experience, a little luck, and friends.

(You loser).

There are more screenshots through on Steam Greenlight.

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