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Arcade Dodgeball 'Em Up Stikbold Released

When Swans Attack!

Sportsfans throw all manner of things onto the sportszone, from stress balls to octopuses, but that isn't strictly allowed. When someone flings three kilograms of limp cephalopod onto the ice, the sportsboss tends to pause play to sweep it up. Dodgeball players have no such luck in Stikbold! [official site], an arcade-y dodge 'em up released on Friday. When a wave washes across the sportszone or an angry swan starts honking around, hey, get back to dodging, buddy. Sport waits for no swan.

Stikbold! is dodgeball, then. Run, throw catch, dodge, try to hit your opponents with balls and not get hit yourself. It looks pretty simple, though some of the circular sportszones get... interesting. Some have obstacles, not to mention hazards like VW vans, waves, whales, and flipping bastard swans. It all looks like colourful fun.

Along with a story campaign which supports two-player co-op on a romp through the '70s heydey of dodgeball with boss battles and everything, Stikbold! has local multiplayer matches.

Stikbold is £6.39 on Steam, which is including a 20% launch discount available until Friday. The first round of player reviews are looking pretty good! As is this ballthrowing:

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