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Stikbold! Throws April 1 Release Date At Your Head

Balls balls balls

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure [official site] now has an April 1 PC release date. It's a game about dodgeball. I didn't really know what dodgeball was beyond assuming you had to dodge a ball but research tells me you can also catch people out like in cricket and you can also eliminate them by having them step outside the play area which I guess is like sumo wrestling.

But what of dodgeball's role in this here computer videogame? As per the information in my inbox:

"Stikbold! tells the story of Bjorn and Jerome who set out on a heroic mission in the name of love and glory. When a rival team is kidnapped by a man dressed as the devil, our dodgeball-loving superstars begin a journey that pays homage to the best buddy movies of old.

"The story mode can be enjoyed in single or co-op mode, and details Bjorn and Jerome’s quest to restore glory to their team, encountering all manner of weird and wonderful characters and scenarios along the way. Spread across five levels, each with multiple dodgeball battles, Stikbold! is a beautifully-paced adventure lasting around three hours, with multiple playthroughs offering plenty of bonus unlockables."

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There's also a competitive local multiplayer mode. I played a bit of it at the inaugural RPS fan convention "The PC Gamer Weekender". I actually won the first match undefeated through my strategy of never picking up the ball and just barging other players out of my way until they fell off the oil rig arena and into the sea. Unfortunately, by the second match everyone else had worked out some "ball throwing" strategies and I was ruined. On the plus side, when you die you can make a nuisance of yourself by splatting whales onto the deck to crush the remaining players and pelting them with water.

Fine times.

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