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Civilization: Beyond Earth Making Planetfall In October

Extra planets for pre-ordering etc.

Joking about booking time off work for a video game's release is awfully hackneyed, but I have known people to do it for two series: Grand Theft Auto and Civ. So, just so you know, Civilization: Beyond Earth now has a release date so WINK you might want to WINK book time off work or WINK consider laying the dramatic groundwork for a WINK illness to strike you on October 24.

The news comes alongside a new video with Beyond Earth's co-lead designers talking about the kinda-Alpha-Centurai-ish-but-really-more-Civ-y game, over footage that's mostly cinematics but does give a few tantalising peeks at things including the new web-like tech tree.

Of course, no release date announcement is complete without mention of pre-order bonuses. For Beyond Earth, publishers 2K are offering a map pack with six levels based upon the tiny bits of information we have about six exoplanets whizzing around out there in space.Civ V map packs cost £2-4, so I imagine this'll go for about that much after launch.

As for the main game, Amazon has the price at £27. Pre-orders will hit Steam "closer to launch."

If you enjoy hearing Will Miller and David McDonough talk about the game, friend, you're in for a treat: they told us even more words a few months back. Hundreds of the blighters!

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