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Monstrous Wandering: Life On A Mountain

A game about wandering free

Funny, I don't remember all these mountains being here before. Yes, here at RPS we certainly did enjoy playing with our Mountains but now, mere weeks later, here comes another one. Looming behind us. Creeping up. Coming out of nowhere. A sneak peak.

Jukio Kallio has given a sneak peek at Life On A Mountain, a game "about breathing the fresh air of the mountain and thinking about all the secrets it might hide." Given that he's behind the pumping soundtracks for Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne under the name Kozilek, it's looking surprisingly sedate. And quite splendid too.

All we have to gawp at now is a short "gameplay teaser" trailer which shows a big fuzzy monster chillaxing with some chums in a cave, then wandering around a snowy mountain top, leaping in streams, running into trees, pushing big snow balls around (hey, I know that game!), and generally looking to enjoy the crisp mountain air.

"I'm super pumped to continue on it, already so many new ideas," Kallio said on Twitter after releasing the video. "And also afraid of all the haters when they realize it's not very... videogame?" Good. Excellent. Splendid. I like the sound of it more and more.

No word yet on when it'll be released. He says it'll be for PC and Mac at least.

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