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Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly Early Accessinated

Making up words is about 75% of the work in the games industry

Our last mention of the ridiculously-titled Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly was Craig giving it his definitive "hmm" and "yes alright" when they were on Kickstarter a year ago. The idea was in two parts: a drag 'n' drop tool for making adventure games, and an actual adventure game built with that tool. After punching through their $20k goal with a cool $4k extra, they've now ended up on Early Access with the bare bones of their project. They're honest in that they need more money to get it finished and have a plan for the rest of development, up to a release this winter. Check that out, and a trailer, below.

The trick is that it'll allow for emergent solutions. Objects come with certain pre-canned attributes meaning while you can create problems with a specific solution in mind, other ones may be possible. No more hunting for the one perfect water-carrying vessel when any old vase or cup would do. Or perhaps you could somehow solve the puzzle with a rock. The dream scenario seems to be players creating levels and then being surprised by the solutions they and others find.

It's an interesting concept. You can see a completed level in action here (spoilers I suppose, since it's from the game) and they talk more about it in their original Kickstarter pitch.

Adventurezator is £11.24 during its first week of Early Access. There's a good Q&A on its Steam page about what's currently available and what isn't. Their immediate plans for the future are the clearly useful Steam Workshop integration and making it so different levels can be chained together. Hmm. Perhaps the RPS 503 page is due a graphical update...

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