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Witcher MOBA 'Possible' On PC, But Nothing Yet

More spin-offs are likely, though

You may or may not have heard, but CD Projekt has partnered with Fuero Games to make a Witcher MOBA. A mobile Witcher MOBA. It's called Witcher: Battle Arena, so you won't confuse it with Witcher: Hockey Arena or Witcher: Arena Rock. And yes, I know this world already has more than enough MOBAs, but this one looks kinda OK. So I had to ask, what are its PC prospects? CDP was, as ever, straightforward: a PC version could happen, but it's not happening yet. You should probably gird your lusty loins for more spin-offs of Geralt's lustacular lustventures, though. CDP seems quite keen on doing those.

First though, why no Witcher MOBA on PC? CDP looked at the landscape pragmatically; PC is overrun by the things, and nobody wants to be the one hundred and first dalmatian. CDP's Tadek Zieliński explained:

"The game is built in Unity Engine, so technically it would be possible [to bring the game to PC]. That being said, the PC MOBA market is pretty much full of awesome games so we're focusing on mobile for now."

On the upside, PC is currently getting one Witcher spin-off, a boardgame called Witcher Adventure Game, and of course The Witcher 3. And in case you were wondering, no, these spin-offs aren't detracting from Witcher or Cyberpunk development time. I asked CEO Marcin Iwinski about that during E3, and he claimed that CDP's main projects are unaffected by these. Battle Arena, for instance, has been its own separate thing for nearly two years now, Zieliński told me.

What about in future, though? Will there be more baby Witchers, for instance my dream game, The Witcher: Babies? Other games like Cyberpunk 2077 are also on the way, providing more opportunities for smaller side projects. Again, CDP told me, nothing is set in stone, but they want to do more. Said Zieliński:

"Our mission, as you probably know,  is to create the best RPGs in the world, and that doesn't change. But if there is a good idea floating around that's beneficial to the community, and also in line with our philosophy, then why not have a stab at it? If we can uphold the quality we strive to uphold, and be fair with gamers, we're always eager to do new things."

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