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October 2014 Archive

    1. A Chat About Interior Design In Games, With Ubi's Dan Cox
    2. In A Dark, Dark Wood: Spooky Story Marginalia
    3. In The Deep End: Narcosis Hands-On
    4. Reflective Puzzling: Sokobond Dev's Free Mirror Isles
    5. Elephant Man-Shooter: Far Cry 4 PvP
    6. What Big Downloads You Have: Red Hood Diaries Demo
    7. Have You Played... Red Orchestra 2
    8. Wot I Think: Dungeon Of The Endless
    9. Brrrrrr! Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Blows In
    10. Make Games Or Don't: Life Lessons From Game Maker
    11. The Flare Path: Ultimate General Knowledge
    12. Eternally Yours: Shadow Of The Eternals Returns, Again
    13. Freeware Garden: One Minute To Midnight
    14. Prey 2 Is No Longer In Our Prayers
    15. Valkyria Chronology: Tactical RPG Arriving In November
    16. She Sneaks, He Hacks: Clandestine's Asymmetric Co-op
    1. Week in Tech: All Hail The Mighty Mechanical Keyboard
    2. A Halloween Treat: The Evil Within Demo
    3. Hands On: The Talos Principle
    4. Revisionist History: Dragon Age Keep Launched
    5. Kentucky Route Pitstop: Here And There Along The Echo
    6. Hot Town: Concrete Jungle Is A Deckbuilding Citybuilder
    7. Have You Played... Star Wars: TIE Fighter?
    8. Been There, Doing That Again: Size Five Unkill The Swindle
    9. The Long Dark Update Makes Game Longer, Darker
    10. Raised By Screens, Chapter 7: Monkey Island 2
    11. Lo-Fi Let's Play Special: The (Complete) Colonel's Bequest
    12. Team Fortress BOO! Halloween Brings Bumper Cars
    13. Freeware Garden: Psyche E
    14. Evil Within Your Letterbox? There's Options For That Now
    15. Cretaceous! Primal Carnage: Extinction Announced
    16. Return Of The King Of Dragon Pass: Six Ages
    1. Retail Blues: Lamenting The Demise Of Game Stores
    2. Dote Night: BTS and joinDOTA On Fixing Match-Fixing
    3. Space Whir: Elite Dangerous Beta 3 Out, New Trailer
    4. Wot I Think: Civilization - Beyond Earth
    5. Endless Legend More Endless With Modding Tools
    6. The Elitist, Part Three: Picking A Fight
    7. Ural 'Orrible Deaths: First-Person Spooker Kholat
    8. Have You Played... Crusader: No Remorse?
    9. Impressions: Sproggiwood
    10. Their Finest Tower: Rogue Wizards
    11. Stat Paralysis: The Roll Of Gaming
    12. MASSIVE CHALICE: Moderate Impressions
    13. Occult Detectives: Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy Kickstarting
    14. Freeware Garden: Lights Out Please
    15. Event[0]: Alice Chats With ALICE Chat AI About Chat AI
    16. No, Not Boo: The Humble InDIE Bundle
    17. Sad Space Party: Spacebase DF-9 Leaves Early Access
    1. Hands On With Hex: Shards Of Fate
    2. District Sleeps Tonight: Cities Skylines Policy Video
    3. Cardboard Children - King of New York
    4. Wot I Think: Lords of the Fallen
    5. Hands On: The Old City - Leviathan
    6. Recapturing Escape Velocity: 3030 Deathwar
    7. Twitch Dress Code Requires, Y'know, Dressing
    8. Slow Blitz: Valkyria Chronicles Coming To PC
    9. Have You Played... Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
    10. Hearthstone Banwave Is Warning Shot To Botters
    11. Sam & Max & X-Wing & TIE Fighter: GOG Get LucasArts
    12. Eidos Anthology Has A Lot Of Good Games, Is Pricey
    13. Attack Of The Clones & Drones: New Democracy 3 DLC Out
    14. Freeware Garden: Barrier
    15. Hoxton Hootenanny: Payday 2's Crimefest Updates
    16. Dungeon Of The Endless Strikes Gold
    17. Cat's In The Bag: Exoptable Money
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Metrocide
    2. The Marvellous Miss Take Is Stylish, Make No Mistake
    3. Above And Beyond: Rediscovering Alpha Centauri
    4. Dystopian Visions: Frying Bacon
    5. Editorial: When Is It OK To Spoil A Mechanic?
    6. Dungeons, Dragons, Talent Scouts: Epic Manager
    7. Have You Played... Infested Planet
    8. Rising Higher: Savant Ascent Has Free Expansion
    9. Ghost Train Simulator: The Count Of Monster Disco
    10. Judgement Call: Games And Reality TV
    11. Doom And Demonology: Tales Of Maj'Eyal DLC
    12. Refunktion Is A Free First-Person Stealth Platformer
    13. Freeware Garden: Masami - Sushi Ace
    14. Sid Meier's Demo For Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth
    15. Hope In A Drowned World: Submerged
    16. Stomp Stomp Stompolution: McPixel Dev's Stomp It Up
    1. Stranded Devs Release Teaser For Next Game: Murder
    2. Subnautica Enters Earliest Access, Offers Prototypes
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. Wot I Learned: League Of Legends Q&A
    5. Today In Real Game Names - REVOLVER360 RE:ACTOR
    6. A Brief History Of Survival Games
    7. Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Schedule Released
    1. Interview: Warzone Survival In This War Of Mine
    2. Psychedelic 360 Degree Spaceshoots: Kromaia Released
    3. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    4. The Grand Tour: Recreating Recreation
    5. Top-Decking The Perfect Dungeon: Hand Of Fate
    6. Better Than Stoke, I Guess: Basingstoke
    7. Far Cry 4 Kyrat Trailers: Not A Great Holiday Destination
    1. How To Make Minecraft A Survival Game
    2. Minecraft Survival Diary: Longing For Home Comforts
    3. S.EXE: Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines Part 2
    4. Tearing You Apart, Again: Lisa - The Painful RPG
    5. A Fistful Of Gelli Bears: Neo Scavenger Diary #3
    6. Cub Life: Shelter 2 Lynx Parenting Footage
    7. The Gentlest Surviving Of Them All: Salt
    8. The Witcher 3's Intro Cutscene Has All The Special Effects
    9. Survival Mod Total Chaos Pretties And Uglifies Doom II
    10. Have You Played: Miasmata?
    11. The PREVIEW we WROTE about LORDS of the FALLEN
    12. Superhop Superhop Superhop Superhop: Froggy
    13. How To More Interestingly Hate Football Manager
    14. Wot I Think: Pike And Shot
    15. CoD Advanced Warfare Launches Trailer, Not Game
    16. How Green Is My Uncanny Valley
    17. Freeware Garden: Line Crossing
    18. Show Me Your Moves: Toxikk
    19. Signal And Noise: British Science Museum's Transmission
    20. Fairy Bloom Ultra Encore Released & Some Freesia Logic
    1. Every Death You Take: Perma-Permadeath in DayZ
    2. Week in Tech: The PC Is Dead, Long Live The PC
    3. Night Of The Living Devs: 3D Realms Relaunches
    4. The Lost Cartographer: Surviving The Long Dark
    5. CS:GO's Halloween Will See You In Hell, Mothercluckers
    6. The Resident Evil Within
    7. Survive With A Society In Primitives
    8. Have You Played... A Dark Room?
    9. Into The Night: Insurgency Adding Dark, Dark Co-op
    10. Into The Hollow: Dark Souls 2 First Person Mod
    11. Raised By Screens, Chapter 6: Scorched Earth
    12. This Game's Name Has A Different Meaning When Red:Out
    13. Business: Former EA CEO Riccitiello Now Unity CEO
    14. Freeware Garden: HHH
    15. Hail: Risk Of Rain Update Adds Two New Characters
    16. Team Fortress TwoOoOOooOo Halloween Events Return
    17. Go Further Than Halfway: Update Adds Mod Support
    1. The Elitist, Part Two: The Exploratory Romp
    2. Skyrim Survival Diary: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
    3. How to make Skyrim a survival game
    4. Dote Night: Dota 322
    5. Co-bot: Titanfall Adding Co-op Survival
    6. Bag For Life: Neo Scavenger Diary #2
    7. Animatronic Terrors: Five Nights At Freddy's 2
    8. Tunnel Vision: Alien Eyes Sore Jubilation
    9. Hit After Kickstarter Backing So It Can Be Free
    10. Have You Played... Notrium?
    11. Wot I Think: Dreamfall Chapters - Book One
    12. Cheaty Tennis For More Than Two: Tennnes
    13. Wot I Think: FarSky
    14. Else {Code,Compile); //Stop This Alice: Else Heart.Break()
    15. Freeware Garden: The Deepest Sleep
    16. Dinn Roamin': Papers Please Dev's New Game Has A Demo
    17. Cosplay And Runes In Free Shadow of Mordor DLC
    18. Back In Flashblack: Jagged Alliance Again
    19. Joustian Pact: Laza Knitez
    1. Eidolon Diary: Diarising Eidolon
    2. Cardboard Children - Dungeon Raiders
    3. Wot I Think: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
    4. Field Notes: How Devs Recreate Wilderness In Games
    5. Chyrza: A Short Night Vale-ish Horror Story
    6. Rules For Survival Games: Do & Don't #9
    7. Post-pre-DLCquel: Alien Isolation DLC Detailed
    8. Have You Played... State Of Decay?
    9. SWAT I Think: Door Kickers
    10. Paranautical Activity Pulled From Steam For Death Threats
    11. Our Treacherous Bodies
    12. Retro DayZ: DoomZ Alpha Impressions
    13. Save Our Souls Saves: Dark Souls From GFWL To Steam
    14. Freeware garden: Hellscapes 7-8
    15. Layoff And Dismissal: Human Resources Cancelled
    16. Wizardly: Magic 2015 Reworking Microtransactions
    17. Ready, Steady, Poe: The Last Door
    1. MISERY Diary: Playing Stalker's Hardest Mod
    2. How To Make STALKER: Call of Pripyat A Survival Game
    3. The Lighthouse Customer: Windward
    4. Clockwork Empires Fixes Corpses, Hunger, Fishpeople
    5. The Clothes Off His Back: Neo Scavenger Diary #1
    6. Spelunky's Creator Is Writing A Book About Spelunky
    7. First Of Many? Ultimate General: Gettysburg Released
    8. Jetcar Combat-o-racing: Quantum Rush Champions
    9. Have You Played... UnReal World?
    10. Surviving Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure
    11. Alone In The... Survival Horror 2Dark
    12. Survival Games Are Important
    13. Welcome To Survival Week!
    14. Pro Chess Simulator 300 Makes The Tough Guys Tumble
    15. Freeware Garden: Hill 160
    16. Diverted: Project CARS Delayed To Dodge Competition
    17. An Inkling Of Adventure: Octopus City Blues Demo
    18. Going Up: Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Expansion
    1. Easy Access To Unreal Tournament's Weekly Builds
    2. On Sale And Not Bad: Injustice - Gods Among Us
    3. Have You Played... Mirror's Edge?
    4. John And Kieron Argue About Limbo
    5. A Faint Signal: Antenna
    6. League Of Legends: And The 2014 World Champions Are...
    7. It Takes A Village: Wurm Online And The Value Of Tedium
    8. The Sunday Papers
    9. Scripting In The Stars: Limit Theory
    10. Dark And Dank Too: Deep Dungeons Of Doom
    1. Have You Played... Luftrausers
    2. On The Horizon: Distance
    3. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    4. Swimming And Quitting
    5. Not For The Weak Minded: Soft Body
    6. Gentlemen, Start Your Raging: Fenix Rage Demo
    7. Dark And Handsome: Calvino Noir
    1. Minecraft In 2014: Community And YouTube
    2. Remembering King Of Dragon Pass
    3. Toast In The Machine: I Am Bread
    4. Don't Panic: System Status 100
    5. Hands On: Elegy For A Dead World
    6. Gated Community: At The Gates' Painterly New Art Style
    7. Have You Played... Sacrilege
    8. Diplomatic Opportunity: Gal Civ 3 Beta 2 Adds Lots
    9. Crying, Walking, Stabbing, Talking Living Doll: Killing Floor
    10. The Fun And Necessity Of Discovering 'New' Games
    11. The Flare Path: And The Judgement Of Solomon
    12. Wot We/You Decided About Supporter Posts
    13. Expedite This: The Curious Expedition Teaser Trailer
    14. How Doom Got Me Suspended
    15. Freeware Garden: Platdude In A Bit Of A Spin
    16. Dreadnought: That's No Moon
    17. From XCOM To Payday 2: Steam's Free Weekend Weekend
    18. Halo There! Spartan Strike Announced
    1. Hard Choices: The Great DIY Vs Pre-built PC Debate, Part 2
    2. A Chat About Banner Saga-Powered Roguelike Bedlam
    3. Wot I Think: The Evil Within
    4. Free Gift! Magicka: Wizard Wars Rock-Throwing RPS Robe
    5. Interview: Steve Sinclair On Warframe's Archwing Update
    6. Inside Out, Round And Round: InnerSpace
    7. Have You Played... Dark Scavenger
    8. The RPS Verdict: Middle-Earth - Shadow Of Mordor
    9. Magnus & Blade: Warband Viking DLC Announced
    10. Raised By Screens, Chapter 5: Lies About Fish
    11. Lo-Fi Let's Play: The Institute
    12. Cock A New Deal Do: Digital Extremes Owned By Chickens
    13. Freeware Garden: CastleMania
    14. Frictional Thoughts: Alien, Amnesia And Horror Simulators
    15. Civ: Beyond Earth's Intro Recreates Science Victory
    16. You Are Nothing: World Of Diving Adds Bismarck, Dread
    1. The Elitist, Part One: How To Make Money In Space
    2. Dote Night: Navigating The Friendship Skill Gap
    3. Tape To Tape: Small Radios Big Televisions
    4. Minecraft In 2014: Your Guide To Servers
    5. Multipirate: Naval FPS Blackwake
    6. Back To Eldritch
    7. Games Critic Cancels Campus Talk After 'Massacre' Threat
    8. Game On, Man: Aliens Versus Predator Free On GOG
    9. Have You Played... Masq?
    10. A Good Day To Tri Hard: TRI Released On Steam
    11. Wot I Think: Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary
    12. We'll Be Back After These Short Commercials
    13. Latest Team Fortress 2 Comic Tells Origins Of Sniper
    14. Black, White And Free All Over: Mists Of Pandaria
    15. Freeware Garden: Heroine's Quest
    16. Less Unreal: Unreal Engine 4.5 Released
    17. Not Through Being Cool: Keep Walking EP
    18. Rebel Galaxy: Ex-Torchlight Folks' Space Sandbox
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Interstellar Marines
    2. Cardboard Children - Frag: Gold Edition
    3. Selling! No No No... Unity Deny Rumours
    4. Wot I Think: Legend Of Grimrock 2
    5. League Of Legends Has Too Many Robot Friends
    6. 10 Days With Windows 10: Is It Worth Installing The Beta?
    7. Make It Snappy: Big Teeth's VR Crocodile Dentistry
    8. Have You Played... Crime Zone?
    9. It's A: Deathtrap Launching On Early Access Oct 22nd
    10. Eufloria HD Now On PC, Free To Buyers Of The Original
    11. Dread On Arrival: Unlocking The Evil Within
    12. Skywind Trailer Shows New Areas, Promises Of More Soon
    13. Freeware Garden: Zest
    14. Visit Dystopian Manchester In Beyond Flesh And Blood
    15. Competitive Grabby Claw Shoving: Fortune Catcher
    16. Scallywags! Assassin's Creed Rogue Announced For PC
    1. Minecraft In 2014: Your Guide To Mods and Modpacks
    2. The Sound Of Silencers: CS:GO Music Kits
    3. Wot I Think: Roundabout
    4. No Pineapple Left Behind: Be A Dole
    5. RuneScape Legends Takes A Card From Hearthstone
    6. Grander Strategies: EU IV And CK II Expansions
    7. Have You Played... Long Live The Queen?
    8. Star Citizen Goes Planetside: First On-Foot Video
    9. Free-lude: The Talos Principle - Sigils Of Elohim
    10. Satellite Reign: Hands-On With Cyberpunk's Rising Star
    11. Descent Reimagining Sol Contingency Foxed
    12. Freeware Garden: Middlegrounds
    13. Roll The Bones: Let Your Mind Fall To Rest
    14. Chop Chop: Farming Simulator 15's Forestry
    15. Moon Waltz: Sometimes Like The Wolf
    1. Letters From Nowhere: Silent Hills
    2. Have You Played... Eve Online?
    3. Marvel Puzzle Quest: No, Really, It's Good
    4. Octodad Not Octodead, Shorts Out Next Week
    5. The Sunday Papers
    6. New Evil Within Trailer Contains Messy Ways To Die
    7. Blood Pumping Mini-RTS: Prophour23
    1. Have You Played... Cuboy: Back To The Cubeture Era 2?
    2. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    3. Now With Added Scorpions: Robocraft
    4. Supersize Me: Evolve Big Alpha Signups Now Available
    5. Second Verse: Metal Dead Now On Steam
    6. RoomAlive Converts Any Room Into A Video Game
    7. Bats, Man! On Spelunky's Killing Joke
    8. Interdimensional Time-Orcs: WoW 6.0.2 Coming Soon
    9. Tenta-Clash: Sunless Sea Adds Realtime Combat
    1. S.EXE: VA-11 HALL-A
    2. Life is Feudal Alpha: Is It Worth Playing Yet?
    3. Durante Rides Again: Final Fantasy XIII Locked At 720p
    4. Raised By Screens, Chapter 4: Alien
    5. Spy Hard: Sid Meier's Covert Action
    6. Have You Played... Knock, Knock?
    7. Wot I Think: Costume Quest 2
    8. Subscribers, Hello! Hello, Subscribers! A Question...
    9. The Framerate Debate: 30 "Feels More Cinematic" Than 60
    10. The Flare Path: Lochs And Unlocks
    11. Infinifactory: By The Maker Of SpaceChem And Infiniminer
    12. Labyrinths: Deep In The Dungeons Of Daggerfall
    13. Freeware Garden: Space Gardener
    14. Control The Winds Of Venus With A Repurposed Radio
    15. Lovesick: Because Bodily Fluids Are All Romantic
    16. Asylum Jam Returns To Disrupt Horror Tropes
    1. Hard Choices: The Great DIY Vs Pre-built PC Debate, Part 1
    2. Wot I Think: Ryse - Son Of Rome
    3. A Funny Old Game: Goofball Goals
    4. Bish Bash Bosch: Cave! Cave! Deus Videt
    5. Rumour: The Unity Engine Is For Sale
    6. Sumer Of (Serious) Sam: Ziggurat
    7. Have You Played... Kane & Lynch 2?
    8. Word; Concept; Image; Icon: Synonymy's Word Games
    9. Lo-Fi Let's Play: The Colonel's Bequest
    10. Wot I Think: A Golden Wake
    11. Trials And Toribasho: Sumoman
    12. Freeware Garden: Red Hot Overdrive
    13. Original Dragon Age: Origins Free On Origin
    14. Impact Winter: A Snowball's Chance
    15. Interns And Explosions: Kerbal Space Program's Latest
    1. Dote Night: Why Dota 2 Is Navy Blue
    2. Gather Round For This Gorgeous Amphora Trailer
    3. Wot I Think - Styx: Master Of Shadows
    4. WildStar Cancels Christmas, Hallowe'en, No Word On Pancake Day
    5. Exilevania: Environmental Station Alpha
    6. Dead Letters: Missive
    7. Have You Played... Dog Of Dracula 2?
    8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Rural Idyll
    9. Moustaches And Match Engines: Football Manager 2015
    10. Tunnel Vision: Non-Oculus Games On The Oculus
    11. The Con Is Gone: Devil's Dare
    12. Freeware Garden: The Wizard's Lair
    13. Space Rogue Is FTL x Space Rangers x Retro-Futurism
    14. Survival Rafting: The Flame In The Flood
    15. Behave, Gentlemen: Vertiginous Golf Adds Multiplayer
    1. Cardboard Children - Board Game News
    2. Trick Or Treat: Costume Quest 2 Out Now
    3. Orcs Must Die! Unchained Closed Beta Impressions
    4. In The Zone: Cities Skylines Screens Are Pretty
    5. Creature Feature: Alien - Isolation
    6. Split/Mickey: Disney Arrive On Steam
    7. Have You Played... 1000 Amps?
    8. The Magic Circle Hands-On: Visiting Development Hell
    9. Space 4X M.O.R.E. Double Dips On Kickstarter
    10. Monster Revan Looting Party: New SW:TOR Expansion
    11. Planetary Annihilation Getting "DRM free offline play" Oct 9
    12. The Brighton RPS Social Is Born! (I.E. Pub, This Friday)
    13. Freeware Garden: The Running Dead
    14. Performance Anxiety: The Black Glove
    15. Excelsior! Disney Infinity 2.0 Now On PC
    16. The Reel Ghostbuster: Spooky Recordings In Sylvio
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: I Shall Remain
    2. Family Misfortunes: Children Of Morta
    3. Puns, Promises and Poppycock: A Brief History Of Sim Ads
    4. La Li Lu Le Ho Ho Ho: MGS 5 Ground Zeroes In December
    5. Wot I Think Now I've Finished Shadow Of Mordor
    6. IFComp 2014 Ballots Open, Lots Of Unusual Free Games
    7. Have You Played... OMSI Bus Simulator?
    8. The Art Of Deep Under The Sky Payments
    9. Now Hear This: Half-Life's Subtitles Mod
    10. Memories Of Madness: Midnight Nowhere
    11. Crunch Brunch: Next Car Game Is Now Wreckfest
    12. Run 'N' Fun: Metal Slug X On Steam
    13. Freeware Garden: Mimicry Man
    14. Rain World's New Engine Makes Animations Even Cuter
    15. Styx: Master Of Shadows Launches Trailer From Darkness
    16. Soon Moving Into Knees And Toes: Arms Dealer
    1. Have You Played… Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic?
    2. Life Is Pain, Life Is Confusing: Life Is Feudal
    3. Butchering Pathologic – Part 1: The Body
    4. The Sunday Papers
    5. Bezier: Free Shoot-'Em-Up Six Years In The Making
    1. Grossing You Out This Spring: Slain
    2. Looks Familiar But Has Robots: Black The Fall
    3. You're Going To Kill So Many Men In Far Cry 4
    4. Have You Played... X-COM Apocalypse
    5. Continued Colonisation: Maia Updates To 0.45
    6. Getting Spiritual: Qora Is Out Now
    1. Party Games: Gang Beasts And The Wild Rumpus
    2. Verde Station: In Conversation
    3. Mushroom 11 Hands-On: The Future Sound Of Fungus
    4. Sorcerer King: Stardock's Surprise New 4X Strategy
    5. Hands On: Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
    6. Steam Curators: Paid Endorsements Must Be Disclosed
    7. Have You Played... Ittle Dew?
    8. Period Adventuring: A Golden Wake's Demo
    9. Wot I Think: Alien - Isolation
    10. The Flare Path: Allday Breakfast
    11. Color Picker: My Kind Of Selection Box
    12. Freeware Garden: Mars Commando
    13. How Very Soulsian: Dying Light's Multiplayer Invasions
    14. Really Simple Syndicate: Satellite Reign Video Playthrough
    15. Machinamazing: Saxxy Awards Winners Declared
    1. Week in Tech: Windows 10
    2. Car Seat Cyberboogying: A Night At The Roculus
    3. Heat Signature: Hands-On With The Gunpoint Follow-Up
    4. Skynet Versus Cthulhu: Human Resources
    5. Think Of All The Things We Learned In Portal 2
    6. Lonely Planet: EVE Online To Change Long-Distance Travel
    7. Have You Played... Blade Symphony
    8. Wot I Think: FIFA 15
    9. Sandbox Silliness: Amazing Frog Hopping Over From Ouya
    10. Raised By Screens, Chapter 3 - Double Dragon II
    11. Interview: Agustin Cordes On Finding The Real Lovecraft
    12. Feudal Fingerpainting: Mount&Blade 2's Level Editor
    13. Freeware Garden: The Price of Freedom - Innocence Lost
    14. Shelter 2...015: Slips To Next Year, But New Game First
    15. Paddling Ghoul: The Sims 4 Patching In Ghosts And Pools
    16. Sound The Inception Horn For Pixel Rift
    1. Dote Night: 16 Things Only A Dota 2 Player Understands*
    2. Check Out My Patches: Battlefield 4's Autumn Update
    3. Wot I Think (So Far): Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor
    4. Smite Branches Out With Woodland God Sylvanus
    5. Wot I Think: Endless Legend
    6. Ghost In The Shelley: Elegy For A Dead World
    7. Have You Played... Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble
    8. Lionhead No Longer Going On An Ink Quest
    9. Hearthstone's Upcoming Decksplosion
    10. Shiverweirds: The Moment You Remember An Old Game
    11. Lo-Fi Let's Play: Tass Times in Tonetown
    12. Traitorous Co-op: Hit's Spy Vs. Spies Vs. Evil Genius
    13. Freeware Garden: Grim Express
    14. Where To Start? Windows 10 Announced For 2015
    15. Cosmochoria In Early Access: Nakedly Terraform Planets
    16. Watch Metrocide's Cyberpunk Assassinations In Action