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Shelter 2...015: Slips To Next Year, But New Game First

Lynx To The Future

Shelter 2, the sequel to the badger cuddling loveliness from last year, has now been officially delayed until the first quarter of 2015. The developers, Might And Delight, report that their family of lynxes are proving trickier to craft than they'd imagined.

The developers explain,

"We are experimenting with a type of game that we have never created before, and have been forced to add a couple of months to the schedule."

They're apologetic too, which is nice. "We are of course terribly sorry for the delay," they say. Aw, guys, it's no worry! (Hey, big publishers, take note of that one. When you say, "Amazing news! We've extended the development time on Guns Of Manbottom VI to allow for even more amazing bottom-following gunshoots!" it's not nearly as ingratiating.)

However, at the same time as announcing this delay, they've also given a very opaque nod to their next game, which will now most likely be out before Shelter 2. What is it? It's... a top-down garden shed simulator? All we have is this screenshot:

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