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Shelter 2 Really Wants You To Love Your Babies

Continuing the family line

From a certain perspective, Shelter's badger kits were a resource one could strategically burn to skip a difficult situation. A small supply of hearts, continues, bullets, or smartbombs one shouldn't waste but can afford to lose a few of. I'm glad Cara is in the USA right now or she'd ruddy well throttle me, and I suspect John might call me a monster too. Those badgers were their babies. They cared for them and feared for them and mourned them. Now Shelter 2 has new tricks up its sleeve to foster even more familial fondness, developers Might and Delight have revealed.

Responsible lynx mothers will get to name each of their cubs, names to giggle in glee and weep in sorrow if you're that soft sort. Cubs which survive the game will be logged on the family tree, so you can play as them in your next game. The different colours of your baby lynxes will become more pronounced as you move through the generations too, recording their heritage in their fur.

"We wanted to continue to build features around the concept of family, besides just protecting your cubs," Might and Delight CEO Anders Westin said in the announcement. "And the idea of a bloodline that can be continued and evolved just fits the world of Shelter perfectly." They're just trying to trick you into experiencing emotions, you know. I suggest the names Lynx 1, Lynx 2, etc.

Here's the teaser trailer from back in March. Don't feel anything for these feline bullets:

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