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Pretty Pussycat Platforming In Shelter Spin-off

Totes adorbes

The Shelter games by Might and Delight have always looked gorgeous, but the prospect of me mothering idiot babies - even baby animals - sounds more like the pitch for a dire family movie than a plan for a pleasant afternoon. But I do adore that art! So I'm certainly interested in the Shelter 2 spin-off they announced today, an "adventure platformer" named Paws [Steam page]. Rather than care for a wee lynx, you play as one trying to find its way home. Have a look in this trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

Heck yes you get to befriend a bear! And make even 'eff' up a swan. Probably not. UK content laws would require that a virtual bobby pop up and haul the lynx off for a dressing-down from a virtual Queen. But look at that horrible hissing git! I'd be okay with swans becoming the next big jump scare fad. Zomboswans in the next Resident Evil, roboswans in the next Five Nights... it'd be both scary and informative.

Anyway, as a diddy little lynx, you'll get to roam around, uses your senses to track, platform around and solve puzzles with your bear friend, from the sound of things. I'm up for that. It's also an opportunity to be a baby and prove that they are capable and only act like idiots because people let them get away with it.

The family movie with me and children would be awful.

Paws is coming to Windows and Mac on March 24th via Steam and other stores.

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