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How Very Soulsian: Dying Light's Multiplayer Invasions

Gross pre-order DLC guff

Pretty good game, that there Dark Souls, isn't it? Pret-ty good games. And influential too. The most obvious trace we're starting to see in other games is invasions, when some bully from That Internet comes swaggering into your game to ping your knicker elastic, tear pages out your copybook, and stuff you into a locker. We saw it in Watch_Dogs, and now it's in Dying Light too, Dead Island creators Techland's new zombie 'em up.

Sort of. In a pretty gross way, 'Be the Zombie' mode is split off into a DLC pack that publishers Warner Bros. are waving around as a pre-order bonus. Without it, you can be invaded but not invade.

'Be the Zombie' invasions are limited to online co-op games, from the sound of things, though WB are very vague about all this. They also don't say when they'll release the mode to everyone else (though they surely will), or how much it might cost for regular folks. What they do say is:

... pre-orders and pre-purchases come with the free Be the Zombie DLC, letting players take control of the Night Hunter themselves. By playing as the Night Hunter and invading other games, players get access to a completely new character with a unique set of moves and abilities which can be upgraded using experience points.

We've dropped them a line asking for more info. The game's due on January 30th. Here, look:

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