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Dying Light: Bad Blood is now free if you own the original game

Grab yourself a free steam code right now

Dying Light's battle royale spin-off, Bad Blood, is now available for free to anyone who owns the original game. Whether you play the original on PC, PS4 or Xbox One, you can claim a free Steam code for Bad Blood right now. This isn't limited to current owners though, if you pick up Dying Light on any platform in the future you'll be eligible for a free copy of Bad Blood too.

This is pretty good news for Dying Light: Bad Blood, because at the time of writing its all-time peak concurrent players is 494 - which it hit about an hour ago, undoubtedly because players no longer have to pay for it. Before that its average active player base was between 2 to 9. Probably doesn't help that it hasn't been updated since March 2019.

Despite this, Bad Blood isn't a bad game. The 12 player battle royale sees players attempt to be the last one standing in a zombie-infested zone, and according to Fraser Brown's Premature Evaluation, it works quite well:

"Techland have created a miniature version of Dying Light and made the battle royale elements work around that. It undoubtedly helps that the previous game’s multiplayer modes were able to serve as a foundation, and the result is something that's well thought out and surprisingly polished, especially for a new early access game."

Weirdly, the free copies of Dying Light: Bad Blood aren't available for any platform other than Steam, but you can head over to their docket site to get yours now (you just have to link your Steam/Microsoft/PSN account to be able to claim it). The game isn't actually for sale anymore either, so this is the only way you can get it now.

This is all part of Techland's celebration of Dying Light's fifth anniversary. The festivities will continue in February with "new content, an in-game event, and more."

In other Dying Light news, we recently found out that Dying Light 2 has been delayed to an unknown date because the developers "need more time to fulfil their vision". Perhaps this little freebie is an effort to tide fans over until the sequel eventually releases.

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