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GOG's giant summer sale has launched, starting with some flash deals

Thousands of other games are on sale through the 28th

Tear your eyes away from all the upcoming E3 and E3-adjacent summer showcases for a moment, folks. Lest you forget, summer also brings game sales on games you can actually play right now, instead of games you'll play three years from now. GOG have kicked off their mega summer sale, starting off with some limited-time game and DLC bundles only available for the first 48 hours. Beyond that, you've got until June 28th to pick up your favorites from any of the other thousands of games that are on sale.

If you're keen on those limited-time deals, they're just a short scroll down on GOG's main page right now. With the sequel finally earning a release date for this December, it might be a good time to take on Dying Light and a handful of its DLCs which are bundled up at 70% off (£11.99/$17.99).

You might also want to try out fantasy party RPG GreedFall which has tossed in some of its gear DLC with the base game at 66% off (£14.99/$16.99). I found it to be a pretty middling BioWare-alike, personally. It does really make a solid effort in the second half though, so more than half off isn't a bad rate to get it at.

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Those are a couple of the choices that you'll need to act on relatively quickly if you want to snag the DLC bundle discounts, which are available until this Friday, June 11th at 1pm UTC. GOG say that other flash deals will be available on Friday and at other points throughout the sale.

Everything else you've got another two and a half weeks to mull over. As a liker of co-op romps, I'll point you to a couple of my favorites.

  • Trine: Ultimate Collection is a bundle of all four excellent side-scrolly action battle puzzlers for 70% off (£11.99/$14.99). They're all individually on steep sale as well.
  • Outward, the very swell action RPG whose no hand holding exploration I quite enjoy is also down 70% (£10.49/$11.99).
  • Heroes of Hammerwatch is a good time too, a run-based hack 'n slash RPG for 60% off (£3.79/$4.79). That one comes in under a fiver, which makes it easy to talk pals into trying.

For fellow likers of classic and classic-style RPGs in the room, you can spot Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale both on sale. Divinity: Original Sin and the sequel are also in there. GOG say there's a total of more than 3400 items discounted so I'm sure there's something up everyone's alley on offer.

GOG's summer sale is on now and runs through June 28th at 1pm UTC.

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