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Behave, Gentlemen: Vertiginous Golf Adds Multiplayer

Holing with friends

Here's a fun fact for you: golf head covers were invented by Victorians concerned golf clubs looked too much like a dame's gams, fearing a whole bag of uncovered clubs might give a gentleman funny ideas. Some Jack the Ripper experts believe he evaded justice because bobbies were set on finding a golfer, even ignoring one bloodied man fleeing a murder scene as he wasn't carrying a golf bag.

You can now relive those thrilling early days with a chum (the golf, not the murder -- this is only a bit violent), as steampunk crazy golfer Vertiginous Golf has added online multiplayer. It's on sale too.

As well as classic ball-hitting-in-holes golf (holing, the technical term), the 8-player online modes added in today's update include an Arena mode where holing gives your course-scouting hummingbird special attack powers, a Race mode about holing fast and screwing with other players, and weapons for plain old holing too if you want 'em.

To celebrate all this, the game's 50% off on Steam Early Access for a week. It'll cost you £5.99 if you want in. Our John certainly enjoyed solo holing when he played an earlier version in February.

I know what you're thinking. You think that Jack the Ripper story is ludicrous. Remember: police were mostly focused on butchers and other members of the working classes, and so hadn't considered that 'Jack' might employ a caddy.

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