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Ghost Train Simulator: The Count Of Monster Disco

See this dracula dance

A dracula wants you to nip out in your ghost train to pick up a few supplies for his Halloween party. That's a thing. That's real. It's 2014's Halloween gag game from Train Simulator folks Dovetail, and far more extravagant than past 'Trains vs. Zombies' offerings. Its name alone deserves its own line:

The Count of Monster Disco.

Cor! That's a name and a half all right. And if you aren't already starting to do the Monster Mash in your seat (I heard it was a graveyard smash), seeing the dracula dance will... affect you.

The Count of Monster Disco is on Steam now, with a 50% launch discount bringing it to £4.99 until Halloween. Made by Skyhook Games, it's an expandalone, not needing regular Train Sim to play.

Back to the important stuff. It's set in the town of Trainsylvania (Trainsylvania!) on Halloween night, where the daffy Count needs you - the friendly local frankestein who drives the 'Spirit of Halloween' train - to run errands, picking up decorations, food, and guests over several missions. It looks and sounds absurd and the novelty probably wears off quickly, but isn't that typically Halloweeny? Isn't that why we have so many gimmicks, so many costumes, so many themed snacks and cocktails - to help delay the moment when we'll scavenge the dregs of a bottle of lukewarm whiskey from the drinks table and retreat to an armchair in the corner to hold court with admirers and pitiers?

Okay, now let's watch the Count dancing again.

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