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Soon Moving Into Knees And Toes: Arms Dealer

This hat trading stuff has gotten WAAAAY out of hand.

What's better than shooting guns? Well, okay, nothing, obviously. But what gets close is moving them around the world in bulk and it's an awful lot safer. Arms Dealer, soon to be released on Early Access, is all about that. With an Uplink-akin interface and blatant disregard for basically every law, it's your job to ship weaponry of all kinds around the world before your father's debts catch up to you. Probably best to focus on that, rather than what happens with said destructive elements afterwards. A rad little trailer goes into more depth below.

It's a cool concept but one with a lot of possible pitfalls. It's something easily glamourised, which would be a serious shame when it's so ripe for something more thoughtful. Papers, Please showed that there was great potential in the stark portrayal of hellish circumstances. Managing a worldwide network of arms deals while dodging law agencies could do something similar alongside more involving strategy mechanics.

Hopefully that flavour is used for something and treated with reverence, rather than just a selling point for a spreadsheet simulator. The first release, which is around 85% complete according to the Steam description, is due on October 14th.

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