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Dote Night: 16 Things Only A Dota 2 Player Understands*

Dota 2 in handy GIF format

My two loves: Dota 2 and gifs are coming together for this here Dote Night so buckle in and prepare for LOOPING IMAGES. Here are 16 situations you'll only get if you play Dota... (I can only apologise)

1. When you're still in the GLHF stage

2. When you solo queue and not a single other person is willing to play support

3. When you need tangos in the laning phase

4. When a carry is "sharing" your tangos

5. When you still haven't bought brown boots

6. When you find out Sand King has his ultimate

7. When you've just killed Roshan and no-one has any inventory space

8. When you go to ward solo and accidentally disturb a Rosh attempt

9. When you begin almost any sentence with "I'm just going to go and..."

10. When you buy items before you have the remotest ideas about hero builds

11. When you find out they have a gem

12. When your Venomancer ult was less effective that you'd like

13. When you got a kill despite panicking and mashing all the buttons

14. When you win

15. When you try to repair your MMR

16. And when you queue for more... game...

*May or may not be a lie

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